Seoul NPO Center Sustainability Report 2020
by NPO지원센터 / 2021.09.10
Seoul NPO Center Sustainability Report 2020

The Seoul NPO Center's sustainability report reflects the position of stakeholders to publish this report with the various opinions of out stakeholders in mind. In order to fulfill our social role, this report provides information, identifies tasks, and plans to improve activities and operations. 

Report Principles
This report was prepared in accordance with the NPO Sustainability Reporting Guidelines(NSRG) 2016. NSRG had been developed by the Seoul NPO Center in collaboration with outside experts to support nonprofits publish sustainability reports, based on internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. We also refer to the reporting principle of GRI Standard 2016(GRI-Referenced).

Scope of the Report
This report covers all activities and operations of the Seoul NPO Center, for the full calendar year of 2020

Reporting Target
The targets of this report are our stakeholders, NPOs, public/private researchers and citizens

Report Verification
A third party has verified this report.


 1. A Message from the Chairperson of SIMIN
 2. A Message from the CEO of the Seoul NPO Center

I. Seoul NPO Center
 1. Vision & Mission
 2. Management
 3. Governance
 4. History

II. Linking Change
 1. Stakeholders
 2. Stakeholder Opinion Survey
 3. Conversations with Stakeholders

III. Creating Change
 1. 2020  Work Performance at a Glance
 2. Key Issues from the Importance Analysis
 3. Performance Report by Issue

IV.Sustaining Change
 1. Financial Administration
 2. Organizational Operation
 3. Human Rights, Labor, and Communication
 4. Spreading Sustainability & Protecting Information and the Environment

V. Appendix
 1. Stakeholder Reviews
 2. Audit Report
 3. Statement of Financial Position / Statement of Activities
 4. NPO Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Reporting Indicators
 5. GRI Content Index
 6. List of Publications in 2020
 7. Questionnaire for Stakeholder Opinion Survey


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